Here’s a bit about us.

The Pirate Ship Foundation is a bold and passionate community that funds vital research into childhood brain cancer through a range of initiatives, adventures, events and partnerships.

Childhood brain cancer kills more Australian children than any other disease.

The identification of improved treatment options for children with brain cancer is our primary objective, ultimately leading to a cure.

Support childhood brain cancer research

We believe its important for the wider community to have an understanding of the impact of a brain cancer diagnosis to a child and their family. 

Even in the most fortunate of cases, treatments are so damaging to a developing brain that they leave shocking, irreversible and life long-side effects.

We know that together we can support research that will deliver better outcomes and make a significant difference to those children and their families. We can achieve this through fundraising.

Funds are invested directly into childhood brain cancer research programs, including to the Brain Tumour Research Program at Telethon Kids Institute in Perth.

Support Childhood Cancer Research

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The BrainChild Ball

Pirate Day

Walk the Plank!

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Childhood brain cancer kills more CHILDREN than any other disease in Australia.

On average, two children are diagnosed with brain cancer every month in Western Australia.

Help the Pirate ship foundation change this.