It takes enormous commitment and a focussed mindset to face fears, tackle new challenges and move out of our comfort zone, as it does to find a cure for childhood brain cancer.

For some people climbing mountains is an adventure. For others it’s diving with sharks and for others it’s camping. Every day we learn of new adventures and more and more reasons why people are inspired to do them. We’re always surprised at what people get out of these adventures. Some adventure to conquer fear, for others it’s about getting fit, while for some it’s to spend time with family or friends, and for others is about discovering how far they can push themselves.

Our adventurer based  fundraising was started in 2010 following Fremantle boy Elliot’s brain cancer diagnosis.  Spurred on by the discovery of how little money went into brain cancer research and knew that there were people willing to help.  Since then hundreds of adventurers have climbed mountains, jumped out of planes, camped, walked and cycled to raise millions of dollars to support research like that conducted at the Brain Tumour Research Laboratory at the Telethon Kids Institute.

Although Elliot lost his courageous battle with childhood brain cancer in 2011, his legacy lives on through our adventures.

“The problem is – you think you have time”

Whatever the adventure – our Adventurers are all united by one common goal, to see all children lead happy, healthy lives free of brain cancer.

All our Adventurers cover the costs of their Adventure/s so that all funds raised can go directly to the cause.

Adventures can be anything, Adventurers can be anyone! What will your adventure be?

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