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The BrainChild Ball 2022

Jijivisha – Hope for Life Friday 16th September 2022 Grand Ballroom, Crown Perth

Proudly Presented by Spadaccini Homes



Now entering its 7th year – this year’s BrainChild Ball celebrates the diverse, vibrant and colourful culture of India.

Untranslatable to English, Jijivisha is a beautiful word that represents feelings of optimism or hope for life.  It represents a strong eternal desire to live and continue living.

It perfectly encapsulates what the BrainChild Ball is about.  It recognises the bravery and resilience of the children impacted by brain cancer.  It recognises our hope not only for a long life for these children impacted, and for a quality of life they would otherwise have had. 

This will be achieved by improving treatments for childhood brain cancer through funding world class research – supported by people like you.

In its 6 years to date, the BrainChild Ball has raised a net total over $2.1 million towards the vision of The Pirate Ship Foundation – happy healthy children free of brain cancer.  Across the Foundation around 90% of funds raised are directed to research, ensuring the maximum impact.

The theme of hope will underpin our event this year – and we look forward to sharing another exciting and impactful event with you!

Tickets for tables of 10 will be available soon for $3.300.  Price includes 3 course dinner, beverages and entertainment. Dress code for our evening is black tie with a twist – the more colourful the better!

For more information on this event  – including the chance to secure one of our limited sponsorships – please contact

We look forward to seeing you there!


The BrainChild Ball

Each year The BrainChild Ball takes guests to an exotic location for a night of glamour, discovery, taste and adventure all in the name of fundraising and awareness.

The BrainChild Ball was founded by Victoria Fitzgerald following the diagnosis and treatment of her daughter Abigail (our 2016 BrainChild).

And every year we share the story of a child who has experienced brain cancer – our BrainChild. Their journeys highlight the struggle of life with childhood brain cancer and highlight the devastating effects this disease has on both the child and their family.

Every year, guests enjoy a three course dinner, fantastic entertainment, the chance to bid on some incredible live auction and silent auction items. They also have an opportunity to win a stunning diamond from Stefan Diamonds at our Champagne Diamond Bar (with champagne generously donated by Image Extra) or a luxury men’s sports watch at our Sports Bar presented by Stefan Diamonds and Running with Thieves.

The primary purpose of The BrainChild Ball is to raise funds for the BrainChild Fellowship, a position currently held by Dr Raelene Endersby, co-head of the Brain Tumour Research Program at the Telethon Kids Institute.

2021 BrainChild Ball

Our BrainChild Ball London Calling was a fabulous night – and we’re very grateful to all who came along and supported in so many ways.  

With over 660 guests in attendance it was our largest Ball to date; and after all was said and done we are thrilled to be able to announce a final total of $590,000.  This amount ensures that Dr Raelene Endersby, co-head of the Brain Tumour Research Program at the Telethon Kids Institute remains as the BrainChild Fellow. 

Within this amount is $230,000 for “Fleur’s Fund” which will be used by the team for research into precision medicine for children with brain cancer. It uses knowledge of the unique genetics of each child’s cancer to match this with best treatment. Every cancer and every child is different. For some children, there are already medicines that have been discovered that “match” certain genetic changes that occur in their cancer. However, we have not identified or tested treatments that match all of the possible mutations that may occur in childhood brain cancer. Funding from the Brainchild Ball will be used to extensively characterise the genetics of patients diagnosed at Perth Children’s Hospital and Dr Endersby’s team will evaluate new compounds that they think may target those mutations in the lab. The ultimate goal is to ensure there are more clinical trial options available for more patients in Perth. 

Across all the activities of The Pirate Ship Foundation – 90% of funds raised is made available to our cause, and ultimately towards achieving our vision of happy healthy children free of brain cancer.

A huge thankyou to Daniel Grant Photographer for all the photos of the evening which have now been uploaded to The Pirate Ship Foundation facebook page here and also to Base Imagery for capturing our evening.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2022!


Past BrainChild Balls

2020 BrainChild Ball – Carnaval | Friday 18th September

The Pirate Ship Foundation proudly presents our fifth BrainChild Ball  – Carnaval.  Adventure with us as we travel to Brazil on Friday 18th September 2020, in the Grand Ballroom at Crown Perth for our premier black tie event.

Brazil conjures up images of beaches, soccer, rainforest, barbeques, Rio de Janeiro and of course its famous Carnaval.  Think of Brazil and you can’t help but think of all that is colourful, vibrant, fun and beautiful.  And underpinning all the images of Brazil is passion.  They do nothing by halves, and neither will we.

Research into finding better treatments and ultimately a cure for childhood brain cancer takes commitment, drive and passion.  It also requires us to come together, to show that we too have the passion to stop at nothing to achieve our vision of happy healthy children free of brain cancer. 

The Foundation is proud to announce that over 90% of funds raised across all its activities in 2019 has gone directly to the cause.  We aim to achieve a very similar result in 2020.

In its four years the Ball has raised over $1,000,000.  This has funded the BrainChild Fellowship, held by Dr Raelene Endersby, Co-Head of the Brain Tumour Research Program (BTRP) at the Telethon Kids Institute.  Funds raised over and above those required for the BrainChild Fellowship are contributed towards the BTRP teams conducting childhood brain cancer research programs.  This has included research into some of the most lethal brain tumours in children and ground breaking research into immunotherapy.

2019 – La Dolce Vita
Proudly Presented by True North Adventure Cruises

The Pirate Ship Foundation’s 4th annual BrainChild Ball – La Dolce Vita – presented by True North Adventure Cruises, can only be described as magnifico! 

A massive $402,000 was raised to fund vital childhood brain cancer research, including at Telethon Kids Institute. That means that in just 4 years The BrainChild Ball has contributed over $1 million to advance discovery in childhood brain cancer research!!!

An evening like this doesn’t happen by itself and we are very grateful to our guests, sponsors, BrainChild Butterflies, supporters, volunteers, incredible entertainers and the BrainChild Ball committee.

An extra thanks must also go to our special guest Princess Bonnie and her mum Pipa for showing incredible courage in sharing their story

While the Ball represents another big step towards happy healthy children free of brain cancer, there are many more to take.

A massive thank you once again and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Please feel free to head to

2018 – Australis

Our Australis BrainChild Ball was as the name suggests a celebration of all things Australian. Over 450 guests honoured the memory of Sindi, who was diagnosed with brain cancer at two years of age and passed away at four years. 

Sindi’s Fund was established on this night raising a massive $111,000 to kick start research into this program. 

Guests enjoyed a themed menu and true blue Aussie performances by the Australian Girls School Choir and local band Violette River helped us dance the night away. The 2019 BrainChild Ball raised a total of $292,000.

2017 – Issho Ni

The Japanese phrase for “together” encapsulated the spirit of the 2017 BrainChild Ball as guests came together to raise an incredible $210,000.

2016 – La Gourmet Soiree

Our Inaugural event, La Gourmet Soiree, celebrated the best of all things France, in particular the menu designed by Chef Guillaume Brahimi. Raising over $120,000 it certainly was a night to remember.