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Walk the Plank!

Challenge your boss to be bold, to be brave, to reach new heights with Perth’s Newest Challenge

What is it for?

Funds raised through Walk the Plank will go directly to funding childhood brain cancer research – to discover better treatments and ultimately a cure for a disease that kills more children than any other in Australia. 

Walk The Plank raised $20,000 in 2020, and promises to return even bigger and better in 2021.

Did you know that our major beneficiary, the Telethon Kids Institute in Perth, is home to the largest dedicated childhood brain cancer laboratory in Australia? The research there is carried out by an amazing team led by world-renowned researchers – and you can read more about the Brain Tumour Research Program here.

Children and their families affected by brain cancer have to be pretty brave, and we think you, and your boss, can be too! Watch the video to see what an amazing event this is, and scroll down to nominate your boss now!!

Walk the Plank

How it works:

1. Nominate your boss to Walk the Plank

They will be dressed as a pirate and made to Walk the Plank.

Simply fill in the form below and we will be in touch to launch your nomination!

2. Register & Start fundraising

Once the challenge has been accepted, we will help you to create the fundraising pages (including accepting the terms and conditions) to start fundraising!

Send your page to everyone in and around your organisation (staff, contractors, suppliers, peers) and hold internal events to see how much you can raise….

Need some more fundraising ideas? Morning teas, silent auctions, chocolate raffles, casual dress days, plus corporate matching – are always popular. Check in here for our list of fundraising ideas.

Any cash donations of $2 or more are tax deductible, with online donations to receive immediate email receipts.

3. Come and have some fun
Set your workplace an allotted time and join us for some good old-fashioned pirate fun and watch your boss Walk the Plank! The event can also be webcast. This is also a great opportunity to have some team photos taken, so feel free to bring down a couple of banners and promote your involvement in this great cause.

And what if your boss says no??

We don’t think they will – it’s a pretty good cause, and the children and families who have been through brain cancer have had to be pretty brave already……. BUT if they do, they can always opt out easily…. By simply matching the donations your workplace has raised – easy!

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