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Where’s your sense of adventure

Where’s your sense of adventure?​

Adventures are a great way to raise not only funds for research but awareness as well.

They are not meant to be easy – echoing the difficult journey children and their families experience with a diagnosis of brain cancer.

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, and while currently we are some what limited to where we can go – but there’s so much to explore locally we know you’ll find something that fits!

One of the things we hear most is not only was this for a great cause – but teams form lifelong bonds, and fitness goals are achieved too! It’s always great seeing what our teams get out of adventure for themselves.

Adventurers pay their own way – so that all funds raised can go towards achieving our goal of happy healthy children free of brain cancer.

How it works

1. Chose your adventure:
Chose where you’d like to go! If you need some ideas and a lot of experience – get in touch with our adventure partner On Track Expeditions – an Australian based company that have heaps of options! Check our website here  and check out where they can take you.
If you have your own idea- On Track are also pleased to offer your own bespoke adventure!
2. Join an existing trip as an individual, or get your own team together and have an adventure just for you.
3. Train
Depending how tough your adventure is!
4. Raise funds
We’ll support you and your team as much as we can with fun and creative fundraising ideas.